Afraid of the consequences,

All at sea to describe his love,

Until he got a wand, and uttered,

Expecto Patronum

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The Night

“The sky is beautiful today, appearance of the moon seems as if it is blessing our togetherness,” he said. “It’s like our dreams came true, finally,” she replied. Under the open sky, they were lost in their world. Lying on the ground, looking compassionately in each other’s eyes. “Love is eternal. They tried so hard […]

The Vexing Question

“Why do you love me?” She blurted out. They walked around holding hands, with the sun behind their backs. Their footsteps mingled artistically with the texture of the sand. The familiar scent of the beach welcomed them: slightly sulfury, with just a pinch of green, and a briny finish. She seemed nervous. Constantly countering the […]