Book Review: Migon


Blurb: Gyndri was born a human boy. But now he’s one of the brightest spots of all. He’s a Migon – a miniature dragon created to help humanity survive. His life changed completely when a dragon’s attack ripped him from his loving family and set him on a new and frightening path. 

Along with his human companion, Piet, Gyndri is now tasked with finding out two things. First, where he came from and who he wants to be. Second, the cause of the growing crime wave threatening Landing, the largest city on the planet of Respite. 

Migons are a creation of the Ancients, bound to guard and assist humanity, and to obey human commands. Gyndri needs freedom. To accomplish his mission, Gyndri must become something brand new.

My Review: Migon starts with a futuristic world, with the sort of changes that Keeler(the author) thinks we will be seeing years from now. However, things take a drastic turn in the first few pages, when the protagnoist gets eaten by a dragon! It was a nice, little shock to me since I didn’t read the excerpt before taking it up.
The book then follows the journey of the reincarnated human, Gyndri, as he becomes a Migon(acronym for Miniature dragon). Migons are intelligent creatures created by humans, holding certain powers of their own, to guard humans and protect humanity.

The starting few chapters feel slightly more detailed, as if we are witnessing a baby opening his eyes and learning about his environment. After that, the story starts to quicken up, as we learn more about how Gyndri is different from other Migons and a plot threatening the biggest city of Respite. Gyndri, along with its mount, Piet, must use all resources at their disposal, magic and science, to save all of them.

The story is very well written and the pace is good enough to keep you hooked. Even though it houses future science and magic, at no point I felt it to be unrealistic, which was good. Characters are well developed and we see them growing in stature as the story goes. Anyone liking this genre will definitely like it. Even generally speaking, this is a good, light read and you can definitely take it once. I also liked the design accompanying the book. Migon ends on a cliffhanger and makes you wanting more at the end. So good job, Keeler!

My rating: 4/5 stars

Buying Link: Amazon

Author: P. C. Keeler

No. of Pages: 206

About the author: Born in the far-off days of the Second Millennium, P.C. Keeler spends his days writing detailed instructions for very dim but precise silicon brains to follow and finds it a relaxing change of pace to write more conversationally for charming, handsome, intellectual readers like you. He enjoys past, present, and future, preferably all at once. Steampunk and Ren Faires work well for this.

Currently residing in the wilds of Fairfield County, Connecticut, he grew up in New Hampshire and as such has never quite gotten used to sales tax. His first published work was a short poem printed by a local newspaper at the tender age of six. Him, that is. The newspaper was considerably more well-established. He has continued writing since, most recently appearing in Diabolical Plots with “Do Not Question The University.”

When not writing code at the day job, writing fiction after hours, or visiting Ren Faires in a vacuum-tube-bedecked top hat, P.C. can be found trying frantically to catch up on sleep. He is pondering a trip into Mad Science simply so as to be able to build a device to slow the rotation of the planet and create the 28-hour day for this purpose. Donations welcome.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Migon

  1. I’m really intrigued by the idea of a futuristic world that also includes the fantasy element of dragons. It’s certainly not common. This also sounds like a very unique and original book. Thanks for the review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pranav Pandey

      Thank you, keep following. Indeed this is one fascinating book! And without any spoilers, there is more “science” stuff than fantasy. Do read.


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