Should I let go?

“Should I let go?”

I asked myself, looking at the pain it caused,
To both of us, withstanding our flaws.

Vibrant as she was,
Swirling in the wind, making everyone drool,
Marking her own, over rest of the pool.
Should I? Or should I not?

A drop of blood bubbled over, reality drown,
Holding for too long, the results shown,
Sometimes it is easy to let go, I thought,
The chain holding us, a cut that brought.

Finally I bid her adieu, moisture in the eye,
She stopped by, saying a final goodbye.
The wounds healed, with passing time,
And she flew and flew, without her partner in crime.

I culled the strings, looking at the wonderful bling,
A new lesson, kite-flying, a new thing.
A new lesson, kite-flying, a new thing.

Β©Pranav Pandey


6 thoughts on “Should I let go?

      1. Maybe not , someone you fought for ,someone you’ve made so many memories with ,someone you’ve fought nd loved ,someone you cared for ,finally its all for nothing and its like you could easily let go ..?

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      2. Well, letting go is not easy. You can never get over the memories. They’re now an indispensable part of your life. But sometimes it is better for both to separate, like this poem conveys. In hindsight, it ALWAYS is a good decision. πŸ™‚
        For the records, this is a pure fictional work ma’am . πŸ™‚

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