A letter

To my Ex- Best Friend,

It’s been a long time, eh? Things have come down to this where I’ve to pen this for you instead of just texting you and have a little friendly banter. But that’s the way life is, you keep moving forward and people are left behind, just like a rail journey.

There’s this something special in friendship, an essence not found in any other relation. You can flirt, fall in love, criticize and speak your heart out. Your counter won’t judge and will accept you for who you’re.

The constant exchange of messages, the random tags on social media, the talks only we could understand and the blissful moments we enjoyed; it’s all in here. Remember how you were the one to hear all my stories before they were published? Remember how we sorted out each other’s lives when both were literally torn apart, joined only by this magical sparkling bond. Remember.. Me?

Distances are the first step towards breaking something and ours was no different. Maybe people feel that extra bit in a relationship but the purity of friendship is unmatchable. Misunderstandings prevailed over the strengthened bond we shared and we drifted apart. Like the railway tracks that meet but change course over a journey.

How badly I wish I’d have messaged a sorry. How badly I wish I’d have called you and screamed my heart out. How badly I wish.. But then, ego has its own way!

Wherever you’re, I want you to know you’ve that place which nobody can ever take. A lost friendship, probably, but memories for lifetime.

©Pranav Pandey


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