The Night

“The sky is beautiful today, appearance of the moon seems as if it is blessing our togetherness,” he said.

“It’s like our dreams came true, finally,” she replied.

Under the open sky, they were lost in their world. Lying on the ground, looking compassionately in each other’s eyes. “Love is eternal. They tried so hard but couldn’t separate us,” she said. He kept mum, not wanting to demean the moment. He held her hands and slowly caressed her hairs. She shivered softly and closed her eyes. They didn’t wanted the moment to end, ever.

The starry night gave them the perfect company. He embraced her warmly as she cuddled. A sense of satisfaction swept through them. They were in love, with each other’s eyes that talked, with each other’s souls that were mingled, with each other’s words that fitted accordingly, with each other.

Relaxing in the wet grass, they heard footsteps approaching. A sudden crackling voice shook them, coming from the distant forest. “Let me check,” he said and whisked towards the source. He found everthing fine and stable. “Delusion I think,” he said. She nodded.

Howling wolves made the night an eerie one. The moon had gone back behind the clouds. Shadows disappeared. They saw the source. 10 men with fire torches were travelling through the forest.

The duo paniced as nerves hit them. They wanted to dodge uncomfortable scenario, but how? “It seems our night is over, love!” he smirked. She didn’t want to get up. But then, they were their own masters now, it didn’t mattered!

They hurried back towards their graves. After all these years, the memories of that night, the ghost of HONOR KILLING still haunted them.

©Pranav Pandey

-Image courtesy:Google/Wikipedia-


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