Demonetization demystified

The country has been in doldrums over the past few days. Ever since PM announced demonetization of higher denominaton notes on 8th of this month, there has been chaos all over the place. Forget all other ‘Breaking News’ ; this is the new cool! But is all the hype worth it?

Indeed there are problems faced by the common man, but we have to understand this matter has been discussed over the course of past 10 months(news reports) by the country’s and probably some of the world’s best brains. As a layman, we should believe in their abilities. Yes I know common man has nothing to do with corruption or black money but these steps will result in more cash flow in the system resulting in sped up growth rates and reduced inflation.

Times like these call for humanly measures and we’ve seen that ; be it volunteers helping people with forms, fast food being served to customers waiting in the line or people having excess lower denominaton notes voluntarily depositing it up.

Politics and other problems aside, India, let’s come together and BELIEVE!


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